Media and telecommunication firms are undergoing rapid changes as they evolve their business models in the face of significant industry disruption caused by digital transformation and the entrance of new market players. Similarly, in Ethiopia, our customers in the media and telecommunication sector are facing the same industry trends and market forces that are reshaping their counterparts in other regions

EthioTech has been and will continue to work relentlessly to help improve your efficiency and bring innovation in how you ultimately provide quality, affordable and dependable services to your clients


Financial Institutions uses new technology, applications, processes, products and business models to bring innovation, EthioTech is perfectly positioned to enable its customers to compete in the marketplace in the delivery of next generation financial services and realize their full potential.

Together with our partners, EthioTech is continuously innovating to provide the technology and know how to help financial services providers with the capability to improve their product offerings, operational excellence and value to their customers.


There are many infrastructure projects that have re-shaped the country and will continue to do so for a long time. And, technology is the key driver for many of the innovations in these infrastructure projects.

EthioTech is always eager and ready to partner with local, regional and national agencies to support the government’s plan to build, upgrade and make operational the massive infrastructure improvement needs of the country.

Network Solutions

EthoTech has been designing and implementing network infrastructure solutions (both active equipment and structured cabling) for many years and our experience and trained/certified professionals will be a great advantage to our customers that rely on us to provide them with reliable networking solutions for their infrastructure. Once we have a thorough understanding of your business needs, we will be able to design the most suitable network solution to meet your specific requirements, preferred vendor products and budget.

Datacenter Solutions

Our solutions incorporate modern data center design methodologies and can be custom tailored to fit the requirements of our customers and realities on the ground. Consistent with our overall practice, we adhere to international standards and best practices of the industry. A testament to our success story is that our data center solutions have been successfully installed in various industries. Among our satisfied customers are: several financial and insurance companies, government and non-government organizations, hotels and other hospitality facilities, media companies, etc.